Welcome to the world of Du Jour!

This Campaign is a world reference for the various kingdoms, gods and societies of Giorno.

The world of Du jour, Is much like many other fantasy worlds, there are Elves, Dwarves and a whole host of other races, and the “known realms” consist of several different kingdoms, spanning several continents. Where Do Jour differs from conventional fantasy is that the world has matured, and grown technologically. The world still utilizes magic, and calls upon the favor of various gods, but it has advanced to the age of steam, and clockworks. However the technology of the known realms varies from ours, some things have been built to use magic and technology, while others have begun to approach an industrialization in the use of magic.

Many of the characters in Du Jour will be different than your standard fantasy fare, you will have the opportunity to play your standard swordsman (or pistoleers) for hire, but you could also play an inventor, or a diplomat. Maybe your interests will lay with playing an internationally renowned Investigator, or one of the Talons, lawmen, who travel the realms. You could play a technology enchanter, or you can play an Air element specialist who is on retainer with one of the dirigible companies. The realm has a history dating farther back than what is written, and discoveries of ancient civilizations has created many strange tales, and advancements.

In Du jour Dragons can take the shape of other races, this along with Summoners calling elementals to do their bidding have created half breeds, called “Ancient Kin”. These “[[Ancient-Kin]]” children usually look like their humanoid parent, but have traits of their supernatural parent, such as a blue tinge if you’re the offspring of a water elemental. Many of these children are killed at birth, deemed demons and evil. Those Ancient Kin that grow to maturity invariably have innate powers, but they tend to vary from child to child. Many summoners who work magic by drawing a creature to the material plane then bending it to their will, will trade favors for the power granted by the creature. These favors are often things like volunteering to mate with the entity, or a sacrifice. While children have been born to female dragons in humanoid form, this is exceptionally rare, and has equal odds of being a Dragon.

Du Jour also has some psionics, but most consider these people to be natural magic-users, or confuse them as gifts granted by the gods. Gods often meddle in the affairs of mortals, with intentions beyond the ability of most people to reason. The politics of the different religions rival that of any of the empires, and they will often effect the politics of the various kingdoms.

Du Jour