Government: Elected Official
Population: Gnome

Is the epitome of talk softly and carry a big stick, this largely gnomish city-state is arranged on top of a plateau several miles tall, the only ways into the city is a well hidden (and defended) cavern route through the rock, or taking an aircraft to the landing site outside the city. The plateau is ringed with a considerable amount of anti-aircraft cannons and other weaponry, most of which is highly advanced (and also highly unstable). A couple of would be attackers have attempted to land war parties on the plateau; so far none have been successful.

An elected official rules Acirema, the title is regent, and is held for five years, the regent determines who will hold the other major offices in his administration.

GI industries are the main company stationed at Acirema and is the company that manufactures all of the highly prized gnomish dirigibles in use. They don’t sell any dirigibles to outside parties all gnomish dirigibles are wholly owned and operated by gnomes, if fact dirigible technologies used are protected byhighly advanced security devices and self destruction devices that insure that if a dirigible is captured, or crashes, the technology won’t be reverse engineered, up until this point no one has captured one.


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