Gov: Birthline succession Lord
Population: Human

Amrait is a Monarchy passed from eldest child to eldest child, the Ruler to be must be married for the crown to pass into their hand. The Spouse has no real powers to pass decree but is considered the ruler for all personal uses, and has the ear the King/Queen.

The Ebony Guard are the Protectors of the royal house, the spies of the ruler, and the watchdogs of corruption within the kingdom. They are considered beyond corruption, at least concerning matters of the ruler. Their biggest shortcoming, as far as critics are concerned, is that they serve the interests of the Monarchy, and not the people. However the two are often considered the same thing.

The capitol of Amriat is Viddenhamme Considered to be one of the oldest cities on all of Valenthal, the architecture may date back thousands of years, The city was found as an abandoned ruin, when Amriat was a fairly young empire, the capitol was quickly moved to Viddenhamme and the ruler has presided there ever since. There is speculation the city may be a left over remnant from the “Age of the dragonlords”, the living gods that created Dragonkind. However it is doubtful the city is even that old.

Amriat once spanned much of the land to it’s southern border, but after a bloody civil war 900 years ago, it is only about half the size of it’s former kingdom. This border with Cantenrel has seen various skirmishes since the civil war, and to this day the border lines will change frequently.


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