Government: Successor appointed ruler
Population: Human-Orc

Fevilin is Ruled by a Mage Lord, it is a position gained by appointment from successor(or by conquest), The Mage Lord picks a student and trains him to rule, However the current Mage Lord has ruled Fevilen without contention for the last 280 years, and doesn’t appear to be close to dieing, which is just fine with most of the population of Fevilen. The Current Mage Lord, Archos IV is a rather fair and just lord, if somewhat brutal with offenders. The people would rather have their current complaints over a buffoon or dangerously unbalanced ruler.

Fevilin holds the premier Magic college in all the known realms, and the Styran hunter school which creates some of the greatest trackers in all the known lands. The capitol of Fevilin (Karahbad) is situated in the foothills of the Sky Cutter mountains, on the north end of the Black Flats, A desert widely known due to it’s black sand (probably the result of a huge volcanic eruption, then the breakdown of the (volcanic) rock, into sand. The Black Flats are renown as the hottest place this side of hell (and some question if hell can compare) day temperatures in excess of 120 degrees and black ground create a very hostile environment. The flats are also home of the nocturnal Desert people, who live in underground structures, and come out to hunt and gather food at night.

The dress for the lower region is light fabric swatches tied into outfits, and layered depending on the temperature, or weather. In the foothills region it isn’t uncommon to see an outfit with 5 to 7 layers of light fabric or loose weave cloths. The northern and central regions are largely plains and light forest with a high inter-mingling of Human and Orc villages, These areas tend to be more civilized then their eastern neighbors in Rog No Toun, or the jungle tribes. To the southeast.

Fevelin tends to be somewhat lower technologically then the western areas of the continent, but has advance the magic realm far beyond many of the other countries of the realm, also they have a considerable Navy that has ties to some of the Island Kingdoms.


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