Orc tend to be slightly taller and more powerfully built on average, then your typical human. With their brown-green skin, and broader features, many humans have mistaken them for dumb, bestial brutes, a preconception that has often cost them dearly. While Orcs are on average slightly less intelligent, and socially are more aggressive then most of the other races; they are still very cunning, and have great thinkers that rival those of any of the races.

Orcs tend to be roughly tend to be roughly 6’1” to 6’3” on average, and are just slightly broader then an average human of the same height. Socially they tend to be clean shaven, and eschew jewelry unless it is of some signifigance. Additionally they have a stron tradition of tribal tatto’s, often denoting position, or achievements.

Orcs originally inhabited a smaller continent to the North East of Valenthal, but began migrating to the larger continent roughly 1200 yeas ago. In that time the Orcish empire of Rog Nor Tuon has grown greatly, but within the last 500 years it has largely remained static in size.

While the Orcish society is still very tribal in nature, they are no less civilized then peoples of any other culture, and in fact often adhere to a greater code of rules, specific to thier own ethos.


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