Rog Nor Tuon

Government: Seat of Power
Population: Orc

Rog Nor Tuon’s government is an evolution of their original Tribal leader foundations. The leader of each city is determined by survival of the fittest (or smartest) assassination and assaults are accepted ways onto the throne. However if anyone challenges the lord of a city the incumbent is allowed the pleasure of deciding the manner of the challenge. Many a city has fallen under bloody civil wars as the result of both parties being killed in an ascension attempt.

The ruler of Rog Nor Tuon is determined by the most powerful city of the kingdom. The leader of the city with the highest population, largest income, and most troops contributed to the kingdoms army is the ruler of Rog Nor Tuon, this creates a capitol that isn’t static, every 10 years the position is re-determined, and all of the factors for the last 10 years are counted and the new ruler is appointed. This form of government has necessitated an order within the country that is above corruption. The Gro’luk is this organization, they are allowed anywhere and once you are a Gro’luk member you cannot serve any other function within the borders of Rog, the Gro’luk audit the cities to make sure the correct numbers are being supplied each year, and have allowed talons to monitor their activities as an assurance to the city leaders that they do not have an agenda that is being pushed.

The current capitol of Rog Nor Tuon is Kar’ et Nel, the Lord of Kar is a cunning Orc by the name of Lot Ra Gur Tun Kar(Lot Ra Gur Lord of Kar). Lot has a retinue of bodyguards from all over the known lands; at least one of them is a highly trained assassin, and several mages that monitor him for dangers. Lot grew up on the streets of one of the major cities, before joining the army, and winning a place as War Strider in training. From there he was promoted to the position of a captain in the Rog army after serving many years as a soldier, Lot left Rog and traveled the realms, not much is known of his time as a wanderer, but when he came back to Rog, he challenged the ruler of Kar’ and bested him in a duel. He and the group of adventurers Lot brought with him, has ruled Kar’ very well for the last 24 years. Twelve years ago Kar’ was appointed the capitol of Rog Nor Tuon, a position it has held through the last accounting.

Rog Nor Tuon

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